Tyler Smart

Panel: This Typeface is Mine!

CHOBANI, IBM, SEPHORA have all one thing in common: a newly installed creative leadership commissioned a custom typeface to support their new brand identity redesign. Mike Abbink (Executive Creative Director at IBM), Tyler Smart (SeniorCreative Director at SEPHORA, LVMH) and Leland Maschmeyer (Chief Creative Officer at Chobani), will present the fonts in action and then will be joined by the type designers Christian Schwartz (Commercial Type) and Matteo Bologna (Mucca Design) for a panel discussion about the importance of custom typography in branding.



Currently Senior Creative Director at Sephora USA, Tyler Smart comes from a long tenure in the beauty industry, beginning at MAC Cosmetics and Laird and Partners. He has shaped Sephora’s brand experience over the past 6 years, helping the company grow into an omni-channel retailer and building a visual language to support it.




Master of Ceremonies

Type in Couture