Texas poker tournament strategy

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Sooner or later, but every poker player will “Google” the phrase, which can change his life once and forever: “Texas poker tournament near me”. Really, if a person used to win poker games beating online casinos and/or his friends at home, why cannot he check his skills taking part in a Texas Hold’em poker online free tournament, or even in WSOP in Las Vegas? It is a dream that can turn into bright desirable reality.

Texas poker tournament massive events

For several decades, the WSOP has been the largest and most popular poker festival on the planet. It brings together the best poker players in the world to Las Vegas, as many of them have long announced their intention to attend this event. Entry fees to this massive Texas poker tournament usually start at $500-600. The most expensive buy-in was 1 million in the US currency. The schedule includes high roller tournaments with buy-ins of $50,000 and $100,000.

Since 2018, the changes have been made to the ranking WSOP formula, which determines the best poker players. Now it is based not on getting into the prize zone, but on more objective indicators. Some high-value tournaments will test the BBA format, which only involves ante in the big blind.

The World Series will not be limited to Las Vegas, as additional events await for players in the European part of the WSOP, as well as the Circuit and International series.

Dan Harrington tournament strategy

Many beginners start playing tournaments using the experience of cash games and thus make a gross mistake, not getting any return in monetary terms from such a game.

In tournaments, all players have the same amount of chips. The chips won in the distribution cannot be exchanged for money immediately, since money is credited only to those who get into the prize zone. It turns out that in tournaments, chips are not the equivalent of money, but become a means of getting a prize.

Poker star, Dan Harrington proposed to change the strategy and tactics of playing Texas poker tournament depending on the size of the bet and its ratio to the blinds. It follows that the game in the tournament can be conventionally divided into zones:

  • Green. If the player’s stack is at least 20 times the sum of the blinds and antes, he can expand the range of playable hands and use the entire arsenal of poker techniques to continue to increase the bet or keep the chips that he has;
  • Yellow. When the number of chips exceeds the sum of the blinds and antes by 10-20 times, the gamer has to play aggressively, bluff, but the range of starting hands will have to be narrowed, practically eliminating suited connectors and small pairs;
  • Orange. When the player’s stack exceeds the sum of the blinds and antes by 6-10 times, the situation becomes more. His task is to spend chips only on playing large pocket cards;
  • Red. If the number of the chips is lower, since the stack exceeds the sum of the blinds and antes by only 1-5 times, the Texas poker tournament player just needs to find the moment when he can go All-in;
  • Dead zone. If the available chips are less than the sum of the blinds and antes, then nothing can be done. In this case, the gamer will have to go All-in with any pocket cards and rely on luck.

This tactic of playing tournaments is a great help for newbies and allows them to play effectively.