Roulette in online casinos: game review

Online roulette is considered the queen of casino halls – it is a popular and far from the most predictable game. In Las Vegas and some other cities, it is legally presented in its natural form (with a game table, ball, croupier). While poker, baccarat, blackjack and other card games can be played live at home, then roulette is best played at an online casino .

Roulette history

Blaise Pascal and Alfred Einstein made this game famous: the first scientist is credited with regular mathematical experiments to determine the location of the ball; the second is the cult saying that the only way to win at roulette is to steal chips when the dealer can’t see.

After Pascal invented the number system, it began to be used in roulette to form sectors for bets – this is the main contribution of the scientist to the development of the game. At the beginning of the 18th century, she settled in gambling houses in Europe and the United States and looked standard: a table, sectors and a ball. Basic and exotic varieties soon appeared. In the CIS countries, the game was not popular, but with the development of online casinos, it became available even for free.

General roulette rules

Additional game conditions change depending on the type of roulette:

  • It is based on rotating wheels with a ball and a playing field. Virtual slot machines usually completely duplicate the tabletop real versions;
  • On the wheel there are markings with sectors of two colors: red and black. These are numbers from 1 to 36, out of order. The green sector is “zero” or “zero” as standard. It plays an important role in the gameplay, you need to clarify the possible outcome when the ball hits this sector;
  • The numbers marked on the wheel are duplicated on the table – this is the main field for bets;
  • On the additional field for bets there may be sectors “equal chances”, “groups of numbers”, etc .;
  • The goal of the game is to guess in which sector the ball will stop. The more accurate the bet, the greater the win. It can be a number or a sector, then – a color, even or odd, etc .;
  • As a standard, the bet is accepted before the launch and for some time – during the game. After the ball stops, the outcome of the round is determined;
  • In online roulette, the winning combination is paid automatically.