Matthew Carter

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Matthew Carter (b.1937, son of typographer and type historian Harry Carter) is one of the most influential type designers working today. He trained as a punchcutter at Enschedé in 1956. In 1963 he was hired by Crosfield, a firm that pioneered the new technology of photo-typesetting. He worked for Mergenthaler Linotype (1965-1981), and co-founded Bitstream Inc. with Mike Parker in 1981, adapting many typefaces to digital technology. In 1992, he founded Carter&Cone with Cherie Cone, and often collaborated with Font Bureau. In 1995, he won the Gold Prize at the annual Tokyo Type Directors Club competition for Sophia. In 1997, he received the TDC Medal for significant contributions to the life, art, and craft of typography.

Among his most well-known typefaces are Miller, Big Caslon, ITC Galliard, Mantinia, Bell Centennial, Verdana, and Georgia. In 2010, he received a MacArthur grant. He currentl lives in Cambridge, MA.




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