Live dealer casino games

Let’s figure out what a live casino with a live dealer is in relation to a standard internet club.

Usually the computer is playing against you. The developers create a mathematical algorithm, on the basis of which the program determines the probability that a certain card, number, symbol will appear at a certain point in time. Live casino implies that instead of the generated results, players are offered fair play against the house. The point here is not only in realism (the croupier communicates with people at the table), but also in the fact that he himself deals with the distribution and performs other actions. Naturally, we describe the work of reliable clubs.

Such establishments hire employees who play with users not only in the halls, but also via the Internet, in real time. The principle of a live dealer casino is about the same as that of streaming. That is, the person is filmed by a webcam, and you see the streaming video. He accepts your bets, deals cards, starts the roulette wheel, rolls the dice, clarifies the rules of the game, and announces the winners. It is not uncommon for online casinos to simply rent premises for this. But there are also options when everything happens right in the ground club, from where the video signal is broadcast to the network. The company chooses the format of work at its discretion.

Types of games offered to customers

You can choose from several popular gambling games:

  • Baccarat is a game in which participants are given two cards each time they are dealt. The goal is to collect nine points or the closest possible number.
  • Blackjack – several types of card games, the essence of which is to score 21 points or simply more than the dealer and opponents. If you have 22 or more, the bet goes to the casino.
  • Poker is one of the main entertainment in online casinos, allowing the player to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in one of the most famous card games. Unlike the electronic version, where electronics works instead of the dealer, here the chances are completely different.
  • Roulette – the essence is exactly the same as in ordinary establishments. You bet on a number, sector, color or zero. The more difficult the chosen option, the more you will win if you are lucky. The croupier accepts the bets, says when they can no longer be made, starts the roulette wheel, and then announces the result. Everything happens live, and participants who decide to play in an online casino can rest assured of the honesty.
  • Wheel of Fortune is a very popular game in the USA and Europe. Wheel of Fortune is kind of like a roulette wheel. There are many sectors on the wheel, including those with higher payout ratios. You can bet on an even or odd sector, more / less, a specific number. The launch is carried out at regular intervals.