Elizabeth Carey Smith

Type in couture

Taking a colorful, beautiful romp through fashion history, this presentation looks at the typographic trends that have defined an industry. Perhaps no other category has so thoroughly examined how we define beauty, and the typographic details of fashion are no exception. Through research and interviews with top NYC fashion art directors, editorial design directors, and the Met Costume Institute, this talk examines the prolific nature of image making in the fashion industry. From Alexey Brodovitch’s work bringing constructivist principles to fashion typography to Moschino’s use of quotidian branding into clothing itself, we examine the gamut of letterforms in couture. A talk in three chapters, I’ll discuss and show editorial type, fashion branding, and letters on clothes. The presentation looks at the typographic precedents established in the most visual and self-aware industry we’ve ever known.



Elizabeth Carey Smith is a typographer in New York City, who specializes in design and creative direction for type foundries, branding, fashion, and the arts. She speaks and writes regularly for conferences and publications around the world.








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Type in Couture